What we do

We believe that in each design there is something powerful. For us is that the use of natural stones in a special and extraordinary way.
Therefore we created our three workways.

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Based on our 33 loyal and true quarry partners we can supply more than 300 stones for you. These stones come from all over the world, this gives you a perfect collection of different materials, colours and structures.

Collection Onyx
Collection Travertine
Our approach

We work as a one-stop-shop. This means we do all the work for your project from the quarry till after services.

Your benefit in this vision is that you only work with one company, so you have one contact person the entire time. This also means that we can supply the best quality there is, because we know what happens at every step of the way.


From the kitchen counter until the most difficult bookmatch ceilings in a 5-star hotel. We can realise your ideas because our approach is not only to supply the stone but also to install it.
Have a look at our projects and let us take you on a magnificent journey.

Who we are

We are initioo, our vision started when we saw the beauty in natural stone for projects.

Every material has a unique story for each stone. Because we have four different types of stones in our collection, and more then 300 stones to choose from we also have more than 300 stories to tell you. This means that every project we realise always has a special story to tell.

We would love to make your dream our story.


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